Amazon spinning ball / orb dron ball

Intelligent Flight It can be control the flight path by changing the angle of the flying ball; This magic flying ball toys can float on your palm. More incredible stunt tricks and stunts such as circling and floating that can be learn by the gameplay according to the user manual or video.

Gift for Kids Flying orb toys can be used as Christmas or Birthday gifts for kids, family at various parties. The various flying ways and colorful flying ball toys have attracted the attention of adults and kids. This is also a fun way to exercise and improve the coordination of the eyes and brain.

Safety Design The Flying orb protective shell design is made of high-quality ABS material can withstand countless collisions to ensure that safety durability and impact resistance of the flying ball. You can have fun indoors and outdoors with your kids.

USB Charging Built-in rechargeable battery, fast charging time, 25 minutes to fully charge the flight space sphere through the USB cable, a single charge will provide you with a continuous flight time of 10-15 minutes.

Various Color Options Are Available.

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